Once you have drawn together a solid business plan, you should next figure out how much capital you need to start and operate your business, and what kind(s) of financing your business may qualify for.

Start-up funds can come from a variety of sources. Whether investing personal capital or taking on loans, be sure to plan carefully and ensure your business venture is adequately capitalized.

Find a Commercial Lender

Frederick has more than a dozen active banks with on-the-ground facilities within City limits. Connect with a banker today and begin to build this critical relationship.

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Lender Match is a free online referral tool that connects small businesses with participating SBA-approved lenders. Match with a lender.

Discover Loan Resources & Programs

Frederick County and the State of Maryland offer several strategic flexible financing programs to facilitate projects that might not be possible under strict traditional loan options. Visit our Loan Resources page for more information.

Explore Incentive Programs

From the local to Federal level, tax credits and conditional grants are strategically provided to encourage community-boosting investment, energy-efficient initiatives, job creation, and property rehabilitation.

Take advantage of these opportunities by visiting our Incentives and Programs page.