Zoning & Building Codes

All City properties are required to be in compliance with the Land Management Code and the City’s adopted Building Codes. Understanding the expectations ahead of time can help keep your project running smoothly.

Have questions? Ask! Whether it’s a question for Economic Development, the Planning Department, or the Building Department, we’re all here to help!

Confirm Your Property’s Zoning & Permitted Uses

View the Frederick City Zoning Map (PDF). A matrix of permitted property uses by zone can be found in the Land Management Code. Talk with the City Planning Department to confirm your proposed use and to learn about possible site-specific requirements, such as parking upgrades.

  • Formal Zoning Determination

Need a formal zoning determination? You may request a formal written Zoning Determination from the Planning Department. To execute the request, submit a written letter to the Planning Department clearly outlining your specific intentions for the use of the space, including the degree and extent to which various types of activities occur on the site and the nature of these occurrences. The process requires a $200 processing fee, but establishes an official, documented interpretation from the City’s Planning Department. 

Mailing Address for Formal Zoning Determination: 
City of Frederick
Attn: Planner On Call
Planning Department
140 West Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701

  • Home-Based Businesses

Want to work from home? The City regulates the operation of home-based businesses. Details on these regulations can be found online under the Land Management Code Article 8, Section 829 “Home Occupations”, or by calling the City Planning Department.

Submit for a Home Occupation Determination (PDF)

The City’s Planning Department is available to answer zoning & property use questions at 301-600-1499.

Research Necessary Building Improvements

Current building codes are available online through the City’s Building Department.

Consult with your design professional to estimate the costs of potential utility or life-safety improvements, such as:

The City’s Building Department is available to answer code-specific questions at 301-600-3808.